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The dazzling Fire Balloon Festival, held in November, and the thousands of pagodas found in nearby Kakku are other reasons to visit Kakku. There are two, three or four day packages, which include a day or night trip to Taunggyi and trips to the floating market and rose garden. Check out the wide selection of photos we keep in our "Taungyi Photo Album" and take day and night.

We have also compiled a carefully selected list of recommended hotels in Taunggyi, from the most luxurious hotels to the least luxurious. We have sorted all Tungyi hotels by class by default, but we have also included hotels with the highest number of rooms in their class. First we list the "most luxurious" hotels in Taunaggyi, and then the best hotels within a few miles of each other.

By clicking on the first and left buttons, you can change directions, sorted by ascent and descent. At Oriental Landing you can also buy a day pass for 75 Baht to drive from Taunaggyi from one jetty in the river to the other and then back to the hotel.

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The nearest car rental agency in Taunggyi is sorted by distance from the city centre in the list below. From the city centre, it takes about 40 minutes to get there on foot, or you can take a taxi for the K5000. Admission costs an eye-watering $20, though a determined visitor can cut the cost to as low as $10.

Transportation to Taunggyi should be booked in time, and accommodation prices will increase sharply during the festival. As mentioned before, all the major hotels along the river have their own hotels as well as a number of smaller hotels and hostels.

We offer tours of Myanmar including Taunggyi and surrounding areas, learn more here, and we offer a variety of tours to other parts of the country as well as a hostel in the city.

We go to the Authorsa Lounge in the original building and you can spend hours looking at stacks of maps and prints. The owner, Jörg Kohler, may even show you his private collection or, even better, a high tea in the lounge in the afternoon. In the evening, there is Thai music and dancing on stage, and the restaurant is large with open-air food. In the evening we can sit in our lobby, have a drink, listen to music, look at old prints on the walls and spend half an hour flipping through a stack of cards or going for a walk.

We can also sample some delicious local Shan dishes, and the Shan State Cultural Museum offers a great view of the city and its history and culture. The museum displays a wide range of cultural and historical artifacts from the past and present, as well as a collection of historical photographs.

There are a number of hidden ways to find the Moorjoch that you will find interesting, but don't be scared when you turn the corner and encounter some of the most beautiful and exotic animals in the country, such as goats and sheep. There are oxen pulling carts, and here too you can see goats or sheep that you cannot hide.

However, due to the recently adopted development plans, most of the businesses have moved to the surrounding new town of Ayetharyar. There are a number of hotels in the area, such as Taunggyi Myanmar Marriage Hotel, but they are no longer open for business.

More About Taunggyi

More About Taunggyi