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One of the most beautiful festivals in Myanmar is the tazaungdae festival, the sky is lit by lanterns released by people below. Look up at the sky and you will see thousands of paper balloons lit by candles floating over Myanmar as the balloons descend from the mountains of the capital, Yangon, and other places in the country. You will also see colourful lights of different colours to celebrate the festival, which takes place every first Sunday of the month from October to November. As you celebrate, you can hear joyful sounds - making music, singing - and bring a festive atmosphere to your home.

The balloons are intended to drive away evil spirits and bring happiness and positivity to the people of Myanmar. How sweet it is, it is the first day of the tazaungdae festival and the beginning of a new year in Myanmar!

It is almost impossible to visit Burma and not experience the hundreds of Burmese festivals that are celebrated every year throughout the country. These diverse and famous festivals in Myanmar are not just festivals, they are an opportunity to give foreign, local and tourists an insight into the life of the people of Myanmar and their culture. Some of these festivals are closely linked to Buddhism, but they can also be remote events that are accessible to a small number of people, such as tourists or tourists from other countries.

The Kyaikhtiyo Thadingyut Festival is the most famous as it takes place throughout Myanmar, but the festival takes place all over the Yangon region. Mandalay is one of Myanmar's most populous cities to celebrate the New Year. Kyaukse is located in the high mountains of remote northwest Myanmar, where the world's largest elephant dance festival is held. People of upper Myanmar come to Kyaukse to enjoy the elephant dances and to promote the boastful rights of their boastful right.

The festival is very popular with the locals as a music festival where there is loud music and lots of beer and food. It's so refreshing because the participants are creating the festival and everyone is hanging out together, rather than waiting for someone else to provide entertainment.

Modernity rarely leaves tradition untouched, and it is difficult to find a country where modernisation is proceeding as fast as it is. My travels to Myanmar have mostly taken place in times when life is still slow, but I am always amazed at the diversity of cultures.

Although some festivals take place in places such as Rangoon, Bagan and Lake Inle, they are convenient for travelers, while others, such as the Naga Festival, require trips to remote areas of the country. There is no doubt that you will miss these vibrant times when you travel to Myanmar at the beginning of the new year, but you can count on good times when you attend festivals in Myanmar. If you are planning a trip to Myanmar that will lead to Inles Lake in October, you will be prepared for a treat, as there are a large number of festivals on the lake and in other parts of Myanmar during this time. Although some of these festivals depend on the lunar calendar, the dates change annually, so you should count on a good time when you visit.

This event takes place in pagodas across the country, but the most spectacular is in Rangoon and Lake Inle. The large round of Inles Lake villages consists of a number of villages, each of which takes eighteen days to finish the tour. About.com is licensed by Mike Aquino for the Thadingyut this month and for the rest of October and throughout November.

Visiting a festival in Burma is one of the best ways to get involved and interact with the local people. Witnessing or even participating in festivals in Myanmar is a unique experience for many foreigners who have none. I was surprised to see that the people of Myanmar are usually rather shy and quiet.

Although there are many famous pagoda festivals in Bagan, the Ananda Pagoda Festival is probably the most popular. I found myself in Myanmar in April and went to Mrauk U to experience the Shittaung Pagoda Festival.

The hot air balloon festival lasts four days and is held every first Sunday of the month in April and on the last Sunday in The festival is a festival in which people throw water at each other and splash it and dance in front of the pagoda.

In Myanmar, you can find people celebrating the Kason festival, which takes place in May to celebrate the birth of none other than Buddha himself. The cities of Kyaukse and Mandalay commemorate the "Light of Buddha Home" festival, which is populated by the dancing elephants of the festival. While the rest of Myanmar celebrates by setting fire to Buddhists on their way home, they celebrate in the capital, Rangoon.

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