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If you are in Taunggyi for the Balloon Festival in Myanmar and have limited hotel rooms, when will you return to the festival? If you run out of boats and you can't get to your hotel, you can always book a hotel on the lake that has a connection to the mainland. Although we are 30 km from Tunggyi, it is a 45 minute drive when there is no room left in Taungyi.

If you are looking for a cheap overwater bungalow and are ready to immerse yourself in nature, this is an option you should consider. Private cabins or bungalows in Taunggyi can be reserved for $1,000 - $2,500 per night or $3,200 - $4,400 per week.

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If you love Myanmar food as much as we do, read our book Delicious Myanmar to discover this amazing country for its people and food. Next time you're in the Shan State, don't forget to try and enjoy these delicious dishes!

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Bungalow Path is a condo in St. Joseph, MI (49085) and nearby restaurants include Bistro Cakes, Biscuits & Pomes and the popular Thai restaurant Tunggye Myanmar. Bungalows Depot offers cakes and is listed as a restaurant - in restaurants, as you will see in many other places on this list, as well as in a wellness and fitness center.

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The standard bungalow shares the complete equipment and two bathrooms with all four sows, as well as a full bathroom and a kitchen.

The Fireballoon Festival is a Buddhist full moon, also known as the festival of light, and is considered one of the most dangerous festivals in Myanmar. This is because the Myanmar Hot Air Balloon Festival takes place every year during the rainy season, when the number of local festivals is quite low. Dozens of people are injured and killed every year, at least twice as many as in other parts of Myanmar. Although there is no specific festival in Myanmar that is not 100% religious, there are a lot of events taking place throughout Myanmar during this time of year, especially during the rainy season, during which the number of local festivals is significantly lower.

Taunggyi is located in western Myanmar, north of the capital Naypyidaw and is the largest city in Myanmar with a population of about 1.5 million people.

This all-inclusive resort has a beautiful pool with glass bottoms where you can see schools of fish swirling below. There is also the beautiful Inle Lake, where you will be fascinated by the floating gardens, waterfalls and the magnificent view of the lake.

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More About Taunggyi